Daisy Jane Ezechielelupo

The first breeding of Czechoslovakian wolfdog recognized ENCI – FCI in the Italian region of Abruzzo

Ezechielelupo Kennel has always been breeding using some of the best bloodlines of the Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog breed; all our studs and bitches have been selected by the Italian breed club and by the main European breed clubs to be breeding.

We were the first Abruzzo breeding to obtain a kennel name recognized by ENCI (Italian Kennel Club) and from the FCI (International Cynological Federation)

By our choice, it was decided to remain an amateur breeding, choosing to make one, maximum two, litters per year to better follow our puppies from birth, until after their arrival in the new family.

  • 1 European Champ
  • 2 International Show Champ
  • 1 International Beauty Champ
  • 1 World Vice-champion
  • 3 Italian Champ
  • 2 Czech Champ
  • 1 Sloavak Champ
  • 1 Veteran Slovak Champ
  • 2 San Marino Champ
  • 1 German Champ
  • 1 Luxemburg Champ
  • 1 Montenegro Champ
  • 3 Junior Italian Champ
  • 2 Junior Luxemburgo
  • 1 Junior Croatian Champ
  • 1 Junior San Marino Champ
  • 6 Club Winners
  • 3 Junior Club Winners

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Ulisse and Me, we are always fans of dogs, the classic characters, a bit eccentric, who from an early age have filled the house of parents and then own home with these fantastic animals using as an excuse the simplest of theories “where there is room for a dog there is also room for two “and so on until today we have 14 subjects of various races and ages. Each of them has its own history because up to 2007 were accepted only abandoned dogs, then, in November of the same year, I lost my beloved Gedeone, a mixed breed of Maremma-Abruzzese shepherd, dog that has literally stolen my soul and which left me prematurely due to encephalitis.
To fill the void created by him, I decided to buy a dog with pedigree for the first time in my life.

Ezechiele Olim Palus

Why a Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog? Simple because it is beautiful and tenebrous; in reality I knew absolutely nothing of this race, so it was the fate that made me choose the Olim Palus Kennel, which at the time was not among the best known. It was always a coincidence that I chose him, I did not think it was the most beautiful, but I always found it on my feet, not even the breeder had sensed its potential, but so it was, because he became one of the most famous champions of this breed. Life with him was fantastic and full of happiness, he helped me so much after the L’Aquila earthquake that has upset our existence and gave me the strength to start again.

I was lucky because it has a loving, quiet and balanced character, loves children and loves being around people and for all this I have to thank not only my luck but also my other dogs, in particular, Kartica, a female half-breed of Maremmano-Abruzzese shepherd, who made him understand his position within the herd, and all the others that Blondy, Mafalda, Farfallina and Scemarella who have educated and helped me to make it my fantastic Zac!

Kartika e Claudia

With Zac we entered the world of official dog, a world that until then we had been unknown. First on tiptoe, then always with more confidence, we began to make our experiences, in the expo and on the training camps; Initially, with some difficulty, Zac, who did not want to go beyond the second place, became aware of if he began to ring successes one after the other, from Junior Italian Champion to International Show Champion , passing through Italian Champion, Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, etc., succeeding in making the best of breed ( BOB ) at exhibitions in Czech Republic and Slovakia , sometimes with more than 80 dogs.

It was therefore decided to take another dog, Grace, in March 2010,stepf-sister of Zac by his father and, in December 2010, Jungle Julia saw the stupendous pedigree that completed perfectly that of Ezechiele. Even now, after more than seven years, Ezechiele and Jungle Julia, are a fixed couple and are inseparable.

Claudia e JJ che allatta

In 2016, we requested and obtained, even if we had already done so for some years, the “Ezechielelupo” kennel name for our Czechoslovakian wolfdog breeding; by our choice, we decided not to do more than one, maximum two, litters a year, so that we can follow, with punctuality and competence all our puppies, from conception to their whole future life in their new home with their new family. All the wolfdogs from Ezechielelupo, born at home and are followed from the beginning, as well as from their mother, even from the father and all other dogs, so as to have a perfect socialization that continues with us, as soon as possible, with take turns in order to let the puppy discover the whole great world that surrounds it, as for example, the children, the cars, the crowded course of people, the sea, the mountain and so on.

Our puppies are delivered, enrolled in the canine registry (microchip), with ENCI-FCI pedigree, vaccinated, dewormed and with health booklet edited by the Veterinary Clinic “San Tommaso” of Ortona that follows the health of the puppies and the mother since before of birth.



I was lucky enough to have a fantastic grandfather, Nonno Paolo, who taught me many things, including a passion for dogs. As a good hunter he always had many dogs and he taught me to take care of them, manage them and love them.
Since 10 yaers I have been breeding the Czechoslovakian wolfdog, proud of the many successes and recognitions obtained.

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Former farmer by profession, with a strong passion for dogs, breed since 2007 the Czechoslovakian wolfdog.
When I’m not busy at work, I love to wander around my mountains with my furry friends, or travel the world.

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